The World's Best Selling Program On Kicking Mastery By Tony Higo
Tony Higo's SuperKick
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Full Program for $99.00
 $27 Today!!
Tony Higo's SuperKick
Build Fast, High, Powerful Kicks
No Matter, Your Age, or Experience!!
Full Program for $99.00
Only $27 Today!!

Limited Offer Expires Soon


Take Your Kicks to a Whole New Level 

Get the Best Selling Program On Kicking Mastery By Tony Higo, 
the World's Fastest High Kicker and Learn the Secrets of the Superkickers!!
No Matter, Your Age, Injury, or Experience - Superkick Can Help!
Increase Flexibility, Kick Mechanics, Speed, Distance, Timing & How to Land Those Kicks in Just a Few Short, Weeks!
The philosophy of Superkick is not about acrobatic kicks - jumping spinning and flipping. Superkick is all about fast powerful kicks delivered to the right place at the right moment. Superkick is about effectiveness and practicality through developing control of our feet like we have of our hands! Superkick is about boxing with our feet! 
It's Not Just About Flexibility... There's Much More to it Than That!
Kicks are more powerful than punches but they're more difficult to land on the target. Flexibility is a factor but, there's much more to it than that. We must also have massive control of our speed, distance and timing, we must have strong limber, muscles and most important of all, we must know how to set a kick up so that our target doesn't have time to defend themselves against it. This is the true secret of Superkicking!!

Many students of the martial arts who struggle with their flexibility or are carrying old injuries write themselves off as kickers. But, that's such a shame because I have worked with thousands of martial artists and never failed to improve their technique.

The good news is that Superkicking is simple, consisting of a few easy exercises and drills that will target the key parts of kicking skill and mechanics!

In short, You can become a Superkicker, no matter your age or experience. Within a matter of weeks you will see a measurable difference or we'll give you your money back!
Full Program for $99.00
 $27 Today!!
Identify the Absolute Essentials and Focus Only On Them!
Superkick works by simplifying the whole process of kicking skill, nailing down the absolute essentials and only focusing on them. Style doesn't matter because Superkicking is beyond style, it's about body mechanics, muscular control, precision and tactics of how to blend kicks with other strikes. 

Superkick focuses on just 5 key areas of Mobility - Mechanics - Speed, Distance & Timing - Strength & Conditioning and Application. That's it! Just 5 key areas that done properly will take your kicks to a whole new level.

Superkick has systemised the whole process of kicking to make it simple and achievable for young or old, fit or fat, and novice or master so that anyone can apply the Superkick system to their kicking and thereby improve their complete fighting skill!!
Great Kicking is About Building Great Habits
Superkick is simple and takes just a few minutes daily. No more than that. We don't want you to work hard, we want you to play with your kicks like a child plays with a new toy. The Superkick program gives you a simple routine to follow - easy drills and habits that will improve your range of motion as well as your technique. We focus you on a 30 day habit building process designed to build the Superkick concepts into your daily routine. 

We start with assessing your current level with a few simple mobility tests to set a baseline for your mobility. this will expose imbalances and deficiencies so that you know exactly where to put your efforts.
We provide a 30 day planner to use to focus your training, focusing on a different module each day and with built in rest days so that you don't over do things. Your safety is paramount and becoming a Superkicker is not about how hard you can push yourself, instead it's about being gentle with yourself and easing into the program. This means you'll achieve easy progress. You won't even feel like you're working at all!
You Can Get Access to All This Today for Just $27 Including...
  • Step By Step System: Immediate access to over 25 video tutorials covering every aspect of kicking mastery - Mobility, Mechanics, Strength, Speed, Distance, Timing and of course Application, all explained simply and clearly, no jargon, just common sense based on my 50 years experience in teaching people how to SuperKick! 
  • Daily Mobility Habits: Lifestyle habits and genetics have made your kicks difficult. We can't do much about genetics but we can make massive changes to your kicking skill by teaching new habits around mobility and mechanics.
  • Mobility Assessment: 30 page eBook 'The Range of Motion Assessment' to establish your baseline as a Superkicker. Find your key strengths and weaknesses and focus on fixing the issues and building the strengths.
  • Cheat Sheets: Superkick includes record sheets, 'at a glance' exercise lists, 30 day planner and progress record sheets to help you stay on track and keep you highly motivated!
  • Success Journal: We even include a Success Journal that you can download and complete daily to record your feelings, goals, detail your strategies. Keeping track of your progress is a key part of your success.
Plus these Fantastic Bonuses - FREE
Bonus #1: Stretching & Strengthening Seminar, filmed live with Tony Higo, almost 2 hours of hidden gems of martial arts training and kicking skill
Bonus #2: Back to the Egg Seminar - Tony Higo's revolutionary take on how to 'evolve' your kicking skills to build super speed, distance and timing
Full Program for $99.00
 $27 Today!!


" Hey Tony. . How's it going? Hope life is well. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for putting me onto Superkick. My kicking has improved massively over the past 6 months since purchasing the program. Yesterday morning I managed to do a roundhouse kick on a pad that was above my own head with relative ease. In fact I did 15 in a row. Considering the highest kick I could comfortably execute before practicing the drills stated in your book was rib height, that's quite an achievement. . I can also with ease hit any point which the pad holder chooses with complete accuracy with either right or left, both round kick and side kick. Super chuffed. Now that I feel I have mastered the basics of what you teach I will move on to the more advanced stuff. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Thanks again. Superkick's awesome. Gee!!" 

-Graeme Wardle - Valley Martial Arts - UK

See What's Others Are Saying...

Great insights into kicking. Good reading easy to understand and practical in assisting your own kicking with easy to follow instructions and guidance
Learn from the best. I did by using this... Another excellent work by Chief Master Tony Higo. 
Martine Warrington
Great! Loved it, I would recommend to anyone and everyone of all ages. Great pictures and accompanying instructions. Got me stretching again!!! 
Reverend Brancolini
I’m enjoying the challenge it’s not easy but easy doesn’t get you results! I need to double check my measurements but it looks like I have improved by 1-2 cm in all areas in the last few days
Chris Hunt
Superkick is amazing & teaches the art of Kicking by the Guinness World Record holder Master Tony Higo. Superkick is a simple and can teach an absolute beginner the art of Kicking. Features exercises, warm up, cool down and stretches that will set your body up to be able to master the perfect kick. My son has managed to learn & perfect the "Box Splits", "Scissor Kick" and many others from the help of this course. Would highly recommend this!
Kerry Frood
I like the realistic and honest statement the Tony makes about high kicks and self defense. The program has some amazing drills and techniques to improve your kicking skills. I would recommend this course to beginners & advanced practitioners.

Here Are Just Some of the Secrets You'll Learn...


How Important is Flexibility?

Born with stiff joints? Old injuries holding you back? Too old to stretch or kick high? The good news is that flexibility, though important, is not everything.  


Poor Mechanics Kill More Kicks than Flexibility

Superkickers focus their energy & time on just a few simple exercises to build explosive power in every kick!! Find out which exercises and how to do them!!

Speed & Timing

How to Set Up Superfast Kicks

It's not just the quality of the kick that counts, more important is how they are set up. Superkickers are masters at setting up unstoppable kicks that hit the target everytime!


More Strength = More Power

Simple but effective exercises will build the right muscles to power up your kicks in both muscular strength & Endurance


Blending Kicks with Punches

Which kicks work with which punches? The rules of kicking hierarchy. Increase speed through precise blending

Fantastic Bonuses - FREE

  • Bonus #1: Stretching & Strengthening Seminar, filmed live with Tony Higo, almost 2 hours of hidden gems of martial arts training and kicking skill
  • Bonus #2: Back to the Egg Seminar - Tony Higo's revolutionary take on how to 'evolve' your kicking skills to build super speed, distance and timing

Limited Time Offer:

Full Program for $99.00

Now Just $27 Today!

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